Lobster Captions For Instagram

220 Best Lobster Captions For Instagram & Quotes

Lobsters aren’t just delicious; they’re also Instagram-worthy! Whether you’re enjoying a seaside feast or simply want to add a pinch of marine charm to your social media, lobster-themed captions can make your posts stand out.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a selection of lobster captions that will add a dash of flavor and humor to your Instagram photos. From pun-tastic phrases to mouthwatering descriptions, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re searching for the perfect words to accompany your lobster-loving moments on the ‘Gram, read on. These lobster captions are bound to make your followers crack a smile while whetting their appetite for more!

Top 40 Lobster Captions For Instagram

1. “Sun, sea, and lobster – the ultimate trio.”

2. “Don’t be crabby; enjoy some lobster!”

3. “A little shellfishness never hurt anyone. ”

4. “Lobster, laughter, and love.”

5. “Lobster: Because everything else is just bait.”

6. “Seafood is where the heart is, and my heart is with lobster. ”

7. “Sun, sand, and lobster in hand.”

8. “Lobster is my kind of love.”

9. “Lobster love is a beautiful thing.”

10. “My heart belongs to the sea…and lobster.”

11. “Lobster rolls and good company: my kind of summer.”

12. “Sunsets and lobster feasts.”

13. “Lobster vibes and ocean tides.”

14. “Lobster: my kind of comfort food.”

15. “Catch of the day: lobster edition.”

16. “Feasting like a king (or queen) on lobster.”

17. “Feeling claw-some with this lobster feast! ”

18. “Savoring every lobster-filled moment.”

19. “Lobster is always the answer.”

20. “Lobster is the captain of my heart.”

21. “Feeling fancy with lobster in hand.”
22. “Let the sea set you free…to eat more lobster!”

23. “Seas the day with lobster.”

24. “Lobster vibes in every bite.”

25. “Craving lobster by the sea.”

26. “Seafood is my therapy, and lobster is my therapist.”

27. “Lobster: because butter makes everything better.”

28. “Bringing the beach vibes to my plate with lobster.”

29. “When in doubt, order the lobster.”

30. “Eating lobster like a boss.”

31. “Lobster and a side of sunshine.”

32. “Just another lobster kind of day.”

33. “Just a girl who loves her lobster.”

34. “Sun, sand, and a lobster roll in hand.”
35. “Lobster is my love language. ”

36. “The world is your lobster. ”

37. “Lobster lover for life.”

38. “Finding peace in the waves and lobster on my plate.”

39. “Lost in the world of lobsters and dreams.”

40. “Cracking into a world of flavor.”

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Funny Lobster Captions For Instagram

41. “Salt in the air, lobster in my belly.”

42. “Lobster goals achieved.”

43. “Lobster love is the best love.”

44. “Lobster is my forever craving.”

45. “Living the lobster life.”

46. “Lobster lover by nature, foodie by choice.”

47. “Sun, sea, and lobster glee.”

48. “Keep calm and eat lobster on.”

49. “All I need is sunshine, seafood, and lobster.”

50. “Lobster bliss on the beach.”

51. “Feeling claw-some.”

52. “Saltwater in my hair, lobster on my plate.”

53. “Sun, sea, and lobster therapy.”

54. “Lobster sunsets: the best kind of views.”

55. “Lobster love is a delicious thing.”

56. “Shell-abrate good times and lobster tails!”

57. “Paradise found: it’s called lobster.”

58. “Catch me by the sea, eating lobster with glee!”

59. “Lobster is the way to my heart.”

60. “Lobster: The reason I believe in love at first sight.”

61. “Lobster is the way to my heart…and stomach.”

62. “All you need is love, and a little lobster. ”

63. “Shell yeah, it’s lobster season!”

64. “Lobster is my happy place.”

65. “Lobster is my forever crush.”

66. “Mermaid hair, don’t care, but lobster? I care!”

67. “Shellfishly indulging in lobster.”

68. “My superpower? Finding the best lobster joints.”

69. “Lobster is the answer, no matter the question.”

70. “In a committed relationship with lobster. ”

Catchy Lobster Captions For Instagram

71. “Lobster in hand, worries out the door.”

72. “Lobster is my guilty pleasure.”

73. “Lobster kisses and seaside wishes.”

74. “Crustacean sensation!”

75. “Lobster o’clock.”

76. “Life is better with a little lobster.”

77. “Lobsterlicious!”

78. “I’ve got 99 problems, but lobster ain’t one. ”

79. “Lobster smiles and salty kisses.”

80. “Eating lobster: Because adulting is hard.”

81. “Don’t get it twisted; lobster is the real treasure. ”

82. “In a committed relationship with lobster.”

83. “Just a girl who loves lobster rolls.”

84. “Lobster season is the best season.”

85. “Lobster is the way to my heart. “

86. “The lobster life chose me. ”

87. “Shell yeah, it’s lobster o’clock!”

88. “Lobster: my one true love.”

89. “Good vibes, ocean tides, and lobster slides.”

90. “Lobster love: it’s a delicious thing.”

91. “Dreaming of lobster and sandy shores.”

92. “Lobster and chill.”

93. “Lobster love is the best kind of love. ”

94. “Feeling shellfish, but sharing my lobster. ”

95. “Dive into lobster bliss.”

96. “My heart says lobster.”

97. “Lobster therapy is my jam.”

98. “Lobster dreams and ocean scenes.”

99. “In a serious relationship with lobster. Sorry, not sorry!”

100. “Shell yeah!”

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Lobster Quotes For Instagram

101. “Lobster and good company.”

102. “Lobster dreams and ocean themes.”

103. “Let’s taco ’bout lobster. ”

104. “Don’t be crabby; have lobster.”

105. “Lobster for the soul. ”

106. “Seaside dreams and lobster schemes.”

107. “Lobster, love, and laughter – the perfect recipe for life.”

108. “Lobster vibes all day long.”

109. “The best things in life are lobster-flavored. ”

110. “In a committed relationship with lobster rolls.”

111. “Salty air, sandy toes, and lobster rolls.”

112. “Lobster and chill vibes.”

113. “Seaside lobster adventures.”

114. “Do what makes you happy, and for me, that’s lobster. ”

115. “Lobster and laughter – a perfect combination.”

116. “Lobster adventures await.”

117. “Lobster and laughter: the best combo.”

118. “Lobster vibes all day, every day.”

119. “Lobster therapy: my kind of self-care.”

120. “Lobster is the spice of life.”

121. “A day without lobster is a day wasted.”

122. “Lobster: Making waves on my taste buds and my Instagram feed!”

123. “Savoring the flavors of the sea.”

124. “Lobster makes every moment special.”

125. “Lobster: a taste of paradise.”

126. “Lobster, love, and laughter.”

127. “Lobster and a side of beach vibes.”

128. “Ocean views and lobster hues.”

129. “Be a mermaid and make waves…with lobster in hand!”

130. “Life is better with lobster.”

Lobster Love Quotes

131. “Happiness is a plate of lobster.”

132. “Livin’ the lobster life, one claw at a time.”

133. “Feeling lobster-tastic.”

134. “Living the lobster dream.”

135. “Lobster goals: always be eating it.”

136. “Cracking into happiness with lobster.”

137. “Lobster life is the best life.”

138. “When life throws you lobster, make lobster rolls!”

139. “Lobster is the secret ingredient to happiness.”

140. “Cracking into a good time.”

141. “Lobster therapy: because life’s too short for bad seafood.”

142. “Living that lobster lover’s dream.”

143. “Chasing lobster dreams.”

144. “A little lobster never hurt nobody.”

145. “Lobster: because you’re worth it.”

146. “When life gives you lemons, trade them for lobster. ”

147. “When life gets tough, just keep calm and lobster on.”

148. “Lobster by the sea, please.”

149. “Chasing lobster sunsets.”

150. “Saltwater therapy and lobster love.”

151. “Lobster love is the realest love. ”

152. “Lobster makes everything better.”

153. “Lobster feasts and ocean breezes.”

154. “Let’s get crackin’ with lobster.”

155. “Lobster dates and ocean waves.”

156. “Salty hair, lobster in hand.”

157. “Feeling crabby? Have lobster!”

158. “Lobster life, beach vibes.”

159. “Lobster love: it’s a lifelong affair.”

160. “Lobster vibes only.”

161. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a lobster roll, asking it to be delicious.”

162. “Savoring the lobster moments.”

163. “Sunkissed and lobster obsessed.”

164. “Seas the moment with lobster.”

165. “Living the lobster dream, one bite at a time.”

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Lobster Lover Captions For Instagram

166. “I’d choose lobster over roses any day. ”

167. “When in doubt, lobster it out.”

168. “Lobster and laughter: the perfect duo.”

169. “Lobster, sunsets, and good times.”

170. “Just a girl with a lobster roll and a dream.”

171. “Lobster lover, beach bum, and proud of it!”

172. “Feeling ‘butter’ with this lobster feast. ”

173. “Lobster is the key to my heart.”

174. “Savoring the sea, one lobster at a time.”

175. “When life gives you lemons, order lobster.”

176. “Eating lobster by the seashore.”

177. “Lobster lovers unite!”

178. “When lobsters unite, it’s a claw-some party! ”

179. “Lobster is my spirit animal. ”

180. “In the mood for some serious lobster therapy.”

181. “Lobster dreams do come true.”

182. “Feeling crabby? Have some lobster instead!”

183. “Lobster in paradise.”

184. “Seas the day with lobster in hand!”

185. “My heart is where the lobster is. ”

186. “Sandy toes and lobster rolls.”

187. “Lobster love affair.”

188. “Lobster and good times.”

189. “Mermaid at heart, lobster in hand. ”

190. “Lobster and laughter: the best therapy.”

191. “Seafood is my love language, and lobster is the dialect. ”

192. “A lobster a day keeps the hunger away.”

193. “Lobster is my spirit animal.”

194. “Lobster and laughter: the perfect combo.”

195. “Lobster love is the best kind of love.”

196. “Lobster and sun-kissed skin.”

197. “Cracking into happiness, one lobster at a time.”

198. “The lobster life chose me.”

199. “Seafood Sundays done right.”

200. “Just keep swimming…toward the lobster pot!”

Lobster Puns For Instagram

201. “Feeling shellfish today, enjoying lobster paradise.”

202. “Lobster therapy: it’s a thing.”

203. “Lobster by the ocean, please.”

204. “Sun, sand, and succulent lobster in hand.”

205. “Life is too short not to eat lobster.”

206. “Feelin’ beachy and lobster-licious. ”

207. “Lobster dreams are made of these.”

208. “Catch me by the sea, chasing lobsters.”

209. “Lobster is my soulmate. ”

210. “Lobster therapy: the ultimate relaxation.”

211. “Lobster season is the best season. ”

212. “Lobster love never goes out of style.”

213. “Lobster therapy: the best kind of therapy.”

214. “Lobster kisses and ocean wishes.”

215. “Lobster season is my favorite season.”

216. “Lobster sunsets: the best kind.”

217. “Lobster time is the best time.”

218. “Lobster is my love language.”

219. “I came. I saw. I devoured the lobster. ”

220. “Lobster is the answer to everything.”

Bottom Line

There you have it lobster-themed Instagram captions to elevate your seafood-loving social media game. Whether you’re sharing a lobster feast or simply celebrating your love for this delectable crustacean, these captions are sure to make your followers’ mouths water and their thumbs hit that “like” button. So, dive in and share your lobster adventures with the world!

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